Check Out the Evolution of the GTA series

Check Out the Evolution of the GTA series

There is no denying that every individual, during their life would have played and also been an addict to video games. There might even be some who carry on with gaming, no matter how old they grow. Well, this article is about a game whose name would be very much familiar with almost all. The game is none other than GTA (Grand Theft Auto). Today, it might as well be hard to find someone who has not played the game as well! To all those madly in love with the game, GTA is now available on your Android Smartphones. Download and install the gta vice city apk and get started!

Let us now take a look at how the game has evolved over the years.

1997 – GTA

Titled as “Race ‘n’ Chase”, the first ever GTA game was released in 1997. The game which was almost on the verge of cancellation due to some production issues was successfully renamed and released for Windows 95, PlayStation and the DOS. Everyone loved stealing cars and carrying out heists and so the game was a huge success. The game had a top-down view.

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1999 – GTA 2

This version of the game was not very different from the previous version. It had the same top-down view but with better graphics. This version, which was released for PlayStation, Dreamcast and Windows had its storyline and gameplay tweaked.

2001 – GTA III

Introducing, an open-world 3D sandbox gameplay this brought about a revolutionary change in the gaming world. The game was a huge success and was also named in 2012 as one of the greatest video games all-time.

2002 – GTA: Vice City

I am sure this is one of the GTA games that would have been common amongst all. This version gave gamers something that was bigger and much better. It featured a map which had a city that was twice as big as the one in GTA III and also let the player ride boats, tanks, fly helicopters and planes, and also buy properties among several other cool features.

The newer versions of the game include: 2004 – GTA: San Andreas and 2008 – GTA IV Both the games huge hits. With the game becoming available in the play store, for Android Smartphones, game lovers can now play their favourite game on their mobile devices by downloading the gta vice city apk.