Which Is the Best Tablet Under 300 Dollars?

If you are looking to buy a premium tablet and you have a budget of around 300 dollars, Samsung Galaxy Tab A10.1 will be the best for you. The specifications it sports make it the most all-rounder tablet in this price range. If you are buying the tablet for all the different purposes like gaming, movies, music, photos and video shooting, you cannot find a better tablet. You can also check out the Best Tablets under 100 dollars at TechCompact. If you are buying for specific usages, then you can find more posts by Yogesh at TechCompact to refine your tablet searching before shortlisting one tablet to buy that fulfills your purpose completely.

Screen Size – It is one of the largest tablets available in the market with 10.1 inches screen size. It is like a mini laptop and the resolution of the display is 1920 x 1200 pixels which is Full HD. Watching movies and playing heavy graphics games will be a treat to the eyes. The colors are vibrant and the video output quality is crisp and unmatched.

Processor – The device sports 1.6GHz Exynosocta-core processor which is highly powerful. You can play any heavyweight game without any heating issue, hang or lag. The processor is also responsible for the enhancement in the battery life. There are many companies who are sporting a better clock speed at this price point but the overall performance of this chipset from Samsung is far better. You can find more posts by Yogesh at TechCompact about latest tablets released and their performance.

RAM and Internal Storage – The RAM capacity of the tab is 2GB. It could have been better but it does the job quite decently. The internal storage is 16GB and you can expand it up to 200GB with the microSD card. In today’s world, everyone uses free cloud storage and hence, you are less likely to need a microSD card.

Camera and Battery – The rear camera is awesome with an 8MP sensor. The photos and videos captured have greater details and you can capture HD videos. The front camera is a disappointment with merely 2MP but at least the photos are clear with better lighting condition. There are continuous shot and panoramic shots. The battery life is sustainable for 13 long hours under normal usage.

Advance Features – You can connect the device to Samsung Smart TV using Quick Connect app and watch movies, documents, and photos with your family members. The tablet supports multi-window feature for selected apps if you want to do multi-tasking. You can also subscribe to Samsung Kids for interactive and informative content for your kids. The design is absolutely mind-blowing and it is something you can show off proudly.