Have a Look over Facebook’s Recent Updates

Facebook is Modifying Itself for Its Users

Facebook is one of the most successful social media site with large number of members using it frequently on daily basis. Facebook is updating itself day by day for entertaining its users in best possible way thereby making available lot of interesting options for them. Here, we are going to discuss Facebook’s recent updates in February 2018.

Improvement in Page Insights of Facebook

Facebook has made two large updates to the Page Insights. It is done to help businesses to understand performance of their page in better way. The two updates are as follows-

  • Updated the reach management for capturing post views
  • Redesigning the Insights of Page for mobile
  • Updating of the Reach Management for Capturing Post Views- The reach counts now will be totally based on the viewable impressions. Earlier, reach was defined by Facebook as a user is refreshing his or her News Feed and the post is placed under his or her feed. Facebook has given stricter definition for the paid ads which counts the only reach once the post displays on the screen of user. This change (one among the Facebook’s recent updates) will help a lot to the users and everyone will be shocked to see the big difference made between organic and paid reach.
  • Redesigning Page Insights for Mobile- It is always a difficult task for several businesses to have fast and simplified access to their Page reporting. Facebook is now presenting new design of Page Insights to make the task easier for users and to get the important information at once directly on the mobile.

Improvement in Privacy and Data Protection for Facebook Users

Usually we feed a lot of information about us on Facebook. Thus, Facebook tries hard for protecting our crucial information, but now it is trying even harder. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become effective from 25 May 2018 on Facebook, Oculus, Instagram and WhatsApp. All these platforms need to take essential steps to ensure that their products as well as services are in compliance with the GDPR.

Businesses will continue to use Facebook services in same manner as earlier, but at the same time they need to comply with the laws of GDPR. The GDPR does not apply to the companies which are based in the EU and also to the companies in the world which offer goods or services and process data from or about the public in the EU.