What Is LinkedIn And Why Should You Care?

Work is this activity that people do that gets a compensation mostly monetary. Regardless if you’re a worker or a business owner you do work, its what adults do to survive. Work is essential to survival because this is where people get money to feed themselves, to buy food, to go on vacation, for their wants and so on. But work without direction is as bad as any rotten egg. Why? Because there is no direction, and if you have worked for many years it’s important to have this sense of direction, this goal, this aim that you need to achieve, whether its salary increase training or promotions, the important thing is to have that goal in your work life.

But how can you do that if you’re just a hard worker that has little friends at work? How can you grow if most people in your workplace don’t even know that you even existed? The fact is if you have lesser connections you will have lesser to no people that will endorse you if you apply for higher positions or training. If you want something to happen in your career but you don’t have any solid connections in the office you need to go out there and make some friends. But not making friends as you think like jumping in a conversation in a group of people that don’t know you or talk to someone in the elevator to get their Facebook. That’s not it, what you need is a more modern connection and it’s thru a social media platform called LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn and why should you care? LinkedIn is a social media platform, what sets this apart from other social media platforms that are out there on the market is that it focuses on one side of your life. Your professional and work side. While that might seem boring, it’s actually not because LinkedIn is a big place where various companies, people from various industries and professionals meet in a place that is geared towards success in work. LinkedIn helps people, and companies get the needed professional leverage.

There is what you call as skill endorsements: A skill endorsement is a feature in LinkedIn where a connection can endorse their connection on a skill. This skill will be used to help companies, headhunters and event marketers to search for their target people. Skill endorsements are very important because it provides this opportunity to help a connection get the needed boost for their company or career path by putting them on top of search results. The more skill endorsement a person has the better that they will be visible to most searchers.

Endorsements are only as good as the connections: Keep in mind that the only people that can make skill endorsements are the people that are connected with (your friends on LinkedIn). This means that your endorsements are only as good as your connections. This is where linked jetpack comes along. They offer a unique service that made buying linkedin endorsements possible.

Linked jetpack is a 3rd party provider that is an expert in everything LinkedIn. They provide services that guarantee a career boost. If you want to have more endorsements, you can buy endorsements thru them, how cools is that? Easy and hassle free, what do you have to lose right?