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Making Better Decisions Through Simple IT Strategies

Technology, especially in this day and age, is significant for millions of people worldwide. And it’s also precious to companies because technology can protect them and their whole operation. That’s why an IT Strategy Framework is essential for all companies. It consists of plans, objectives, and tactics that are related to the use of technology within a company or organization. Most of these objectives focus on the technology itself or on the people who primarily work around this technology. But, overall, it supports how technology can support an organization’s business strategy.

If you’re currently looking for the right IT strategy that can put your IT vision into reality, then you must be referring to Xirocco. They are one of the best when it comes to helping companies find an effective IT strategy. But what are the common components of an IT strategy, and how are they important? Let’s find out more about it here.

The IT Asset Inventory

An IT Asset Inventory will define your current infrastructure and management state. It helps you understand what kind of assets can be used or reused depending on your strategy. Some of the common elements of an IT Asset Inventory are the listing of physical and virtual data centres, all utility equipment, all telecommunication lines, and all infrastructure equipment, to name a few.

When you perform your asset inventory, make sure to research your current costs and budgets. You will need to know the costs as well as the IT inventory for your IT strategy.

IT Strategy Framework

Your IT Site Environment

Many IT infrastructure and management aspects will flow on your decision where your IT site environment will live. Luckily for you, it can live in different locations, such as on-site premises, off-premises, in an MSP cloud, or a hybrid setup consisting of two or more of the options above. Keep in mind that traditional IT site environments require staff or services to maintain these items. If you’re using a hosted cloud, they will provide support depending on your contract.

Security & Governance Requirements

Every IT environment will need a standard firewall security and anti-virus/anti-malware security. At the same time, some will need more, especially if they are at risk of cyberattacks. The amount and type of protection required will depend on the governance requirements. So you must review what compliance standards you fall under, such as local, state, etc. And use that to determine how it will affect your IT strategy.

There are many other components, but these are the three main parts of an IT strategy component. If you want to provide organizational value to your business, get an IT strategy that will define your IT vision. Remember the components above because they will all come into play once you’re ready to create your IT strategy.