Promwad- the ultimate PCB- design and hardware solution provider

Promwad is an electronics and engineering company whose experience and knowledge covers a wide range of electronics manufacturing on contract bases. We do all our services on client order as we provide practical results which require testing and verification. Our services range from prototype creation to production of hardware devices, fixtures and molds fabrication for enclosures. During all the stages of development and production, we carry out quality assurance and testing to ensure that clients product quality is guaranteed. Our sites for innovative products are Europe, Russia, and south-east Asia. All our clients get these services from these sites. All these sites have experienced engineers providing support and efficient project management for the entire products life cycle.

Responsibilities of prom ward in the project management from conception design to production are defined, and they are

  • Do detailed Consultation on the section and supply of specialized production components
  • They select the production sites which are ideal for clients
  • They also customize the production process engineering documentation. Most of the design projects require detailed documentation, and our engineers provide the most thorough documentation capturing all production processes.
  • They design and implement the logistics
  • For the enclosure production, our engineers manufacture the fixtures that are used in such processes.
  • They develop and manufacture the in-circuit and functional testing benches.

At every stage of development, our clients assume complete control of the production process. When our team works together, they discover solutions to all levels of problems in the engineering field. The technologies that we use at Promwad are cost-effective and globally used by major engineering companies. For all the projects we have done in electronic manufacturing and PCB design, we delivered high-quality products and within the stipulated time frame. We only partner with manufacturers who are vetted in South-East assai and CIS countries. Read more about our commercial, industrial and manufacturing services at our official website.

Hardware designs by Promwad

The various hardware designs you will get from Promwad electronic and engineering company include

  1. The PCB design as well as the schematic diagrams
  2. Modeling & simulation- This is a broad undertaking which entails thermal simulation, PCB 3D modeling, analysis of EMC-electromagnetic compatibility, signal integrity analysis and analysis of power integrity
  3. Design of IP kernel and FPGA programming
  4. Programming of the microcircuit and JTAG testing

 All these steps lead to complete finished hardware project which is given to our clients in IPC compliance for PBC- mass production.

Where do you find us?

The areas where we operate include,

Telecommunications where we provide telecom-based equipment which is highly specialized for high-speed processing and data transfer through data channels. The telecommunications hardware solutions we offer include routers, PBXs, Network Attached Storage, Baseboard Management controllers and servers-mini and thin client servers.

We also provide consumer electronics such as mobile devices hardware platforms that consume low power and wireless interfaces which are highly integrated.

In multimedia and entertainment, we provide hardware equipment for audio and video needs. We also offer technologies for content protection such as set-top-boxes, game simulators, digital signage as well as 4D cinemas. We also provide various solutions in automotive electronics as well as home and industrial automation.