Technology has made our life so advanced and so much packed with happiness that we do not have to worry about anything. Life has become super easy with the advent of science and technology.


Technology refers to a collection of ideas, skills, techniques, processes that are used for the production of goods to achieve some objective. It is not true that technology refers to something always related to machinery. Technology can be both hardware and software. Only when both the hardware and the software components are joined together, we succeed in achieving a goal.

There has been a lot of revolution from the time of the early men who knew nothing rather than simple techniques like rubbing two stones together to set fire, stone weapons to hunt down their prey. The wheel is considered to be the first sign of modern technology. It was built with such a great idea that it took any amount of goods from one place to another within a very short time. The further research went on which gave rise to the electric bulb, the electric bell, steam engines, electrical engines, bridges, telephones, internet to the Instagram. Doesn’t it seem to be really a magic? Science when being used for the betterment of the human race always serves as a magic.


Technology has made our life very easy and smooth. It has made hard labors that took hours together to be completed just within a fraction of seconds. It has made transportation so easy. The tracking down of criminals is easy by the use of GPS. We have found new sources of recreation in the form of television, computers, cell phones, tablets, video games, to various apps like Facebook, Instagram to name a few.

But, at the same time, people have misused it to such a great extent that the natural diversity around us is at the fear of extinction. Various pollutants are killing the birds and animals. The nuclear wastes especially take a heavy toll on the embryonic stage. The feeling of the tress is a never-ending problem. The infrared radiations from the electronic appliances are spoiling our health. Without our knowledge, we are always feeling drowsy. People are so much addicted to the social networking sites that they forget their work and are ending pure relationships.


If we take the advent of technology in a positive way and stop the misuse of it, by curbing our greed, the problems can be reduced to a great extent. Science has given us everything but for the proper use. No one knew that the invention of the atom bombs will kill so many people. That was a milestone in history. The more we begin misusing our resources; God shall take a perfect revenge. Play good, enjoy the good qualities of technology, only then it will keep us happy.