The Advantages of Going For Private Proxy Servers

Private proxy servers seem to be something that only a large company could benefit from. But in reality it is a tool that even individuals can and should try. As its name implies, it is something that takes the place of another type. So instead of interacting directly, a proxy server is the one who does all the work. However, proxy servers are more than a substitute and serve as a gateway between the World Wide Web and your PC. And instead of interacting directly with the data resources, you can request them through a private proxy and filter the information on a third computer before you reach your computer.

This offers a number of advantages:

First, it minimizes the use of bandwidth and allows for faster browsing

Because information can be stored directly on private proxy servers, it is less difficult for a person to load a page they have previously visited. This is especially useful for large companies and schools that are adapting to multiple users who use virtually the same websites. Extending bandwidth to accommodate large traffic demands can be quite complicated, and sometimes it’s not enough what ISPs offer. But with a proxy software in use, it would not be necessary to get excess bandwidth.

Second, it saves costs

Depending on the provider, a person may need to pay between $ 45 and $ 60 for a fast internet connection (6 Mbps and more). AT & T’s lowest bid is $ 35 for 1.5 Mbps. Meanwhile, Comcast charges $ 25 1 Mbps. If you add the difference, a person will probably have a minimum savings of $ 120 a year if they had a proxy server. And there are no compromises when using the web in this scenario.

Third, it guarantees the security of your online data

Yes, there are anti-spyware software and firewalls that you can rely on for such problems. But with the skills of the last hackers, these are probably not enough to drive them out. However, private proxy servers can add a layer of protection by preventing your network from directly contacting infected websites. Therefore, malware can not be installed directly on the user’s computer and steal information.

Finally, it simplifies the management process

When filtering information that enters and leaves the network, administrators can track the use of the Internet from any computer in the system. They know who violates the rights of users or goes to malicious websites and implements warnings. You could also block these websites and prevent them from using them.


Of course, with the advantages come disadvantages. And there are some known disadvantages of using a private proxy server. But given what you can get from your application, there’s no problem proving it. There are free proxy servers that you can use to confirm the above benefits.