Tips to hack a facebook account

Tips to hack a facebook account

It is easy to hack Facebook nowadays, and there is no total prevention to it. However there are some things that are noticeable that may give you an idea that your Facebook account is being hacked. If you receive an email that says you have to confirm your new password and yet you didn’t change it, there’s a great chance that your account is being hacked. This is in fact the hacker trying to send you an imitation email in the hopes of acquiring your password.

Always be wary when you install Facebook applications especially those you are not familiar with. Only stick to those applications that are manufactured only by the known companies. Just in case you do have to install an application just be critical when it asks to do something important like posting on your wall.

Also be careful not to click on the URLs that you can find on your friend’s profile pages. Most of the time the hyperlink is harmless but there is still a possibility that the contacts of your hack Facebook account have been hacked. Once you suspect that your Facebook account has been hacked, the best thing you can do is to change the password right away.

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You can do things to secure your Facebook account. Each night before you go to bed, check the activity listing of your account. If there is anything that you didn’t do, just delete it and change your password right away.

There are many other telltale signs that your account has been compromised. It could be that your email or password has been changed. Your name or your birth date may have been changed as well. You are seeing posts that say they are coming from you, but you didn’t post them. Your friends get new friend requests from the same account. Your friends receive online messages that you didn’t send to them.

If you can’t access your Facebook account anymore, you can report to the company by accessing the Report Compromised Account page. Click on My Account Is Compromised and enter your email address or phone number that is associated to your account. Click Search afterwards. Type your current password and click Continue. Choose one of the options provided for the reason why you think your account has been hacked and click Continue. Just follow the steps provided to make sure that your account is secured and that you changed your password.